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Name: Francesca

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Doni is an amazing therapist. I have been visiting her salon for a number of years for hair removal, facials and nail care. Doni is a friendly professional who is a master at her job and builds relationships with her clients. I have enjoyed my visits and will miss her and the service she offers very much.

Julie Arguile

Name: Julie Arguile


To whom it may concern

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Doni. She is a highly skilled and professional beauty therapist. Not only is she a quick worker but she is full of helpful advice if you ask her for help. I have found Doni’s nature to be so friendly and down to earth that even if you are feeling very awkward and exposed (as certain treatments require) she puts you at ease with her good humour and positive approach to life.

Her clients quickly become her friends as she always enquires about them with a genuine interest. I have also been impressed with people skills – and I refer in particular here to the way she treats her assistant with such respect.

All the best Doni, Scotland’s gain is our loss.

Marion Henmen

Name: Marion Henmen


What to say about Doni! She is old school – when you ask for a treatment, you get a proper professional treatment. She is warm, kind and over the 15 years I have been going to her, we have become friends.

She has a wonderful positive energy and always gives excellent value for money. Doni is generous, well informed in current affairs. I despair as what I will do when she goes to Scotland. My eyebrows, fabulous pedicures on my African barefoot damage which she sorts out, my bikini wax etc. She is a woman you do not feel embarrassed with as she is no-nonsense has seen everything.

I will miss her so much, both personally and professionally.

Sheena Van Niekerk

Name: Sheena Van Niekerk


Very amazing treatments. Doni is very polite and caring. Treats people as an individual person, not just a business. I am very happy with her and recommend her to a lot of people.

Carla Melless

Name: Carla Melless


I have been going to Doni for 17 years for various treatments. I have never had a bad experience, rather hours of relaxation, fun, giggles and the most amazing results.

Doni has always assessed my mood on arrival and given me either the quiet time I need or the mental stimulation. I would highly recommend Doni based on her knowledge, professionalism and exceptional facials and treatments.

Linda Baillie

Name: Linda Baillie


To whom it may concern

I discovered Doni in the Weleda Pharmacy in 1995 and then followed her to the Doni K Salon – have been a client for 18 years!!!

I have been for Massages, Facials (including Eye Lash and Eye Brow Tinting), Pedicures and Manicures. Every treatment has been an absolute pleasure and I don’t think I will ever find anybody that does Facials quite like Doni – her technique is very very special (using her fingers to massage with a vibrations!!!!) and the different Facials really hydrate the skin and keep one looking young. I am now 59 years old and look much younger!

Doni is now a friend as well as my Beauty Therapist and I am very sad to see her go, however I wish her all the best as I know being in South Africa has been lonely during the last 2 years.


Linda Baillie


Name: Sarah

E-mail: Not Availible

Dearest Doni

I can’t believe you are going! I have been coming to you for manicures, pedicures, waxes, facials etc for 18 years or more. You have been my beauty therapist and friend – a very special person. You have worked so hard, built up your business, training assistants, seeing your clients long after normal beauty salon hours. You always do your best to accommodate your clients, who take for granted that you will make a plan to ‘squeeze them in’ whether late in the evening, weekends, and holiday times.

The quality of your work is excellent. You work quickly; efficiently, always maintain a high standard and making your client at home and comfortable. Even your prices are more than reasonable.

I shall miss you my friend. I have no idea who to go to once you are gone. I wish you and your family well and pray that you will be blessed.

With love


Kim Raad

Name: Kim Raad


I have been coming to Doni for over 18 years. I travel 35 minutes to see her. She is the most brilliant beautician I have ever met.

I have lived in New York, UK and Doni has left me well groomed all these years. I am often asked who does my eyebrows etc.

I am already panicking on how I am ever going to find someone as good as her. I will miss her incredibly.

Leezl Israel

Name: Leezl Israel


Meeting you wasn’t by chance! It’s been fantastic getting to know you and an amazing experience which has been very uplifting.

Your aura is so bright and contagious that anyone in your presence just gets infected because something like that one cannot resist.

Your graciousness and friendliness is hard to resist.

It’s been an absolute treasure knowing you. Thank you for all the warmth and care.

Please promise to keep in touch!

Lots of Love,

Leezl Israel

Skye Da Silva

Name: Skye Da Silva

E-mail: Not Availible

I would recommend Doni to anyone, male or female to come to Doni –AND I HAVE! And both the people who I have referred to Doni and myself have never looked back.

Doni is a professional beautician, has a wealth of knowledge about the industry, best practices, tips and beauty secrets. Her skills are world-class. As a Portuguese woman I have waxed for 20 years and only Doni can make waxing pleasant. She is quick, calm and painless!

Doni as a person is also caring and became a great friend to me and my family. She will always try to squeeze you in to her FULL AND BUSY DAY.

Doni is dedicated to her clients and I am so sad to see her leave South Africa.

Good luck Doni in your new home and I know you will be successful in starting your new salon as you are the BEST OF THE BEST.

Skye Da Silva

Jennie Churr Walker

Name: Sasch


I have been going to Doni for 17 years for various treatments. Doni is caring, considerate and a good listener. I like that she keeps up to date with new treatments and ideas.

She always knows what treatment to offer me. She is highly professional and offers exceptional treatments. I have and will always recommend het to my friends and colleagues.

Ramdin Family

Name: Ramdin Family

E-mail: Not Availible

Ramdin Family

Soraya, Wafaa, Haifah, Zareefah

We’ve been with Doni for 7 years and have all been happy with her treatments.

We will miss you dearly but we understand that being with your family is more important. We sincerely hope that you find someone as competent, friendly and as welcoming as you have been.

May God bless you with love, safety, security, health, wealth, happiness, prosperity, success and a wonderful life always.

Love The Ramdin Family

Aubrey Goldman

Name: Aubrey Goldman

E-mail: Not Availible

To Doni

The most professional beautician who carried out her work most diligently and with lots of TLC – I wish her well in all her further endeavors.

Warmest Regards

Aubrey Goldman